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Volleyball Violations Learn the basic rules in volleyball. Voll eyball violations such as double hit, lift, player in the net, and out of rotation. Basic Violations in Volleyball. Consecutive Contacts. A player may not hit the ball 2 times consecutively except when blocking, provided the contacts take place simultaneously.

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A volleyball rotation overlap or player out of alignment fault is called for players not being positioned correctly on the court at service. The fault for out of alignment is point for the other team and loss of service (if your team was serving).

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Volleyball Rotations: Violations. You can easily lose a point if your players are in the correct position during the serve. This violation awards a point to the other team and you lose service if it was your team’s turn to serve. Line judges observe the player closest to the sideline to determine out of position or overlapping violations.

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Players need to serve in the rotational order that they started in for the whole game, even as they rotate with each sideout. If players get the serving order mixed up, the referee will call a rotational violation, which means the team loses a point, and the other team gets the serve. There’s also a positional out of rotation violation. This one’s a little more complicated – but stay with me, it’ll make sense, I promise.

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When a player is out of position, a rotation overlap fault is called by the referee. The fault for being out of alignment results in a point being awarded to the other team. If your team was serving, you also must pass the ball to the other team for service.

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The ref will call ‘a rotational violation’ if you fail to rotate or rotate in the wrong order. Yes, even the order is essential. Sounds confusing? Let me explain. The referee can call you out of rotation if you break the order or make a positional violation. What is the rotation order? Your starting line-up will determine the rotation order.

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Overlap: A violation called if a team is lined up out of rotation when the ball is served. Overpass: A ball passed across the net. Overset: An errant set that crosses the net without being touched by another offensive player.

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If you reach over the net to play the ball while it’s still on the other side of the net, it’s a violation unless: The other team has already used all 3 of their hits. There are no players close enough to make a play on the ball.