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When High shear mixer work in mixing tank, the motor speed is 2800-3000RPM. The agitator will have strong centrifugal force and inhale the materials from up and down. Inside the shear head, the materials ...

Emulsifying Mixer | High Quality – Yekeey

Yekeey's best vacuum emulsifying Mixer, which can be customized in capacity and materials to ensure its high emulsification effect.

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Complete vacuum homogenizier mixer production equipment special for cosmetics manufacturers, capacity and material can be customized, see how it works with high quality emulsifying results.

Emulsifying mixer là gì, Nghĩa của từ Emulsifying mixer | Từ điển ...

Emulsifying mixer là gì: may khuấy tạo nhũ tương, ... Trang chủ Từ điển Anh - Việt Emulsifying mixer.

Emulsifying Mixer Machine with lifting frame ...

Kos-Z510 High shear Mixer Emulsifying Machine applied widely, it is adapt high-viscosity emulsions production process, always being used in Daily chemical, cosmetic, various food and dairy products, pharmaceutical ...

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Dual-flow fileds frame agitator blade designed for small emulsifying mixer, the ultra-high speed precise Rotar/Stator system can stably operate at 6,000rpm

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Nghĩa của từ Emulsifying mixer - Từ điển Anh - Việt: may khuấy tạo nhũ tương

Emulsifying Mixer Manufacturer

Chinayxjx is a manufacturer of vacuum emulsifying mixer and liquid soap filling machines used to produce medicinal ointments and cosmetics.

Emulsifying Mixer, Mayonnaise Mixer, Pharmacy Filling Machine ...

We are China top packing machine supplier, we provide Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer, Mayonnaise Mixer, Pharmacy Filling Machine, including food filling machine.